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My dog I think is going to die, I am sad beyond ~~~

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My dog I think is going to die, I am sad beyond ~~~

Postby yellowrose9 » Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:33 am

I went to vet this afternoon with my sweet baby , they gave my sweet maltese named sweet pea a shot thinking that this would maybe help her, she got the shot of insulin 8 hours ago, they thought this would make her feel better but it hasnt YET it seems ~~!!!!
They want me to bring her in again to the vet for another shot in the morning and watch her for the next 24 to 48 hours , she hasnt eaten in several days, but does drink water , she isnt crying and seems alert at times , but I can tell she is not doing well , she will not eat anything , nothing , not even chicken popcorn or cat food, she is looking so sad ~~~~!!!
I am struggling really bad , considering the holidays and the loss of my Dad a year ago and my doggies sister Petunia also passed 2 years ago, seems it has all been at the same time of year , this makes for even a harder time at the holidays ~~~!!!
My sister and her hus and her son verbally assaulted me in my Dads home the day after my Dad passed~~!!!
My sisters hus physically assaulted me in the rage from all of them all because I asked my sister for a house key to my Dads house , they accused me of all sorts of horrible things, it was so bizarre that I have been traumatized by it all , but have turned the other cheek in order to have any relationship with my sis , they went balistic on me and I can see now a year after my Dad passed , they have been abusing me for a long long while , later I was told by a friend that was wondering to herself where all their anger was coming from and she came up with that my sis family was angry because my Dad gave me 1/2 of the business that my sis has worked at and also STOLEN from and I have not worked for my Dad in over 20 years, so my sis is ANGRY that I get 1/2 , she has picked her greed and all over me and is accusing me of greed , so mind boggling thru all the pain of the loss of my Dad and she and her family abuse me constantly ~~!!!

Ppl tell me to get a lawyer or walk away , I cant do either , part of going thru my Dads stuff and cleaning up is my healing by touching his things to let go and accept the loss of my parents~~~ but I have to get money for cleaning up my Dads messy house because my sis will NOT allow me or pay me to work at my Dads business , she is so cruel and will sometimes NOT pay me for my hard work, when she has paid me it is only 6 dollars and hpur and she grips at me and questions my hours and has panic attacks like when she has to give me any money , she is the executrix of the will and has all control , please dont tell me to get a lawyer I dont have the energy to I am barely hanging on, my animals have been my family since the loss of my mom 14 years ago, I think my whole family has hated me and I think I see so much more now that my sister was a lot of the manipulations going on , I love my sis but I really believe she would like me to be dead and have all the money for she and her son , she is really hurting me~~!!!
I feel suicidal but will not do it,I have to many more animals that need me ~~ because I have been so out of it in my grief for last year , and all I feel so miuch guilt towards my doggie that I might have to put down in next couple days , life seems so painful that I just needed to tell someone I would like to just end it all now ,but I will not , just needed to get it out , I am to scared of GOD to take my life and wouldnt EVER leave my animals ~~~ the pain of life anymore seems constant, no break at all from any of it and it isnt going to get any easier I am almost 50 and this also is freaking me out , it feels as if the pain of everything is killing me thou ~~~~ yellowrose9
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Postby bereft » Thu Dec 27, 2007 1:04 pm

Yellow rose,

I am so sorry that you have lost your dad and that your sweet friend is now ill. The holidays seem to make these pains even more intense.

Your sister sounds very vindictive and manipulative. Remember, your dad cared enough about you to leave you half and that was his way of letting you know that you were important to him.

At some point, I think you need to get away from your sister. You may need to finish the project at hand, but your sister is a poison you don't need to be around.

Best wishes, I hope that things get better

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Postby puma » Fri Dec 28, 2007 4:33 am

Dear Yellowrose9,
I remember you from several months ago, when your Dad had recently died and your sister was being very cruel and selfish.
One good thing to come of this is you have been strong enough to survive this grief and maltreatment. Not that anyone should have to go through such distress.
Maybe just put all this hassle with the sister and the business on the back burner and concentrate on being with your pets, and protecting yourself from negative encounters with this sister as much as possible.
Your sister is the real loser here; not seeing what a fine, loving person you are, and instead being selfish and greedy.
I hope your little dog makes it. She at least was loved by a good master, and had a good home, which is worth a lot.
I am not clear on one thing; do you live with your sister and her family or have your own place?
"So It Goes..." Kurt Vonnegut
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