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Loss of an animal...

A place to discuss the loss of a beloved pet.

Loss of an animal...

Postby avtges » Fri Sep 29, 2006 1:58 am

Ok so me and a bunch of friends were bored one day and they had this idea to feed my friend's snake.

i didnt feel like tagging along, but its rare when we all get together and do something soo...

they had the idea of a medium sized rodent, then it somehow changed to this beautiful blue parakeet.

i was the only one who was thinking rationally, but unfortunatlly i couldnt reason with them...

long story short, the snake ate the bird after an intense display of immoral behavior.

i feel like i need to let this off my chest because i feel somewhat responsible for not trying my absolute hardest to save the bird...

i have a lot of things piling up on my "plate" and this is adding to the state of depression im in, if its that serious.

im just looking for some guidence on this because i feel like fu**ing edgar allan poe.

i dont even feel like eating.
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