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Nobody Talks To Me

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Nobody Talks To Me

Postby Roseyy » Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:38 pm

So I have a little friend group and I always find myself helping them, making sure they feel good, and everyone is happy but nobody cares enough to talk to me or ask me if I'm doing alright. I have social anxiety and because of that I feel like its made me more anti-social and I blame myself for them not talking to me. Everyday at school it felt like one of them always needed help and they always came for me. Especially for homework, I'd always end of doing all the work. If they have a problem its like I'm their only friend but as soon as its solved they hang out with the same people who didn't care and were apart of the drama. The one I'm closest with even ignores me, I'd go over to her house and she wouldn't talk to me. If I bring any of the problems up they just get mad at me. I try to make friends and be a happy person but everyday I just want to crawl into my bed and hide underneath the covers. Nobody ever cares enough to ask me whats wrong.

Now summer has come and none of them except for one has talked to me, but she just called me weird and teased me because I was talking about a game I like. I've tried to text the others but they either ignore me and talk to each other or barely pay attention. I texted one who always wanted to talk but he won't reply anymore. I don't understand why they always do this, when I was at school nobody ever wanted to talk to me unless there was a problem now that its summer no one even cares about me.

Edit: I have one friend who nobody likes, including my parents. They hate when I hang out with him and say he is a bad influence. My friends say that he's weird and always say bad things about him. He is the only person who takes time out of their day to hang out with me. He doesn't have any other friends as he doesn't like anyone else. He always wants to call me and text me, he always asks if I'm okay. I can tell him anything and he is always honest with me and supportive. I can ramble about my favorite game and he'll listen the entire time and even try to get me to talk about it more. He has a lot of the same problems I do except some of his are worse.

He has family problems and thoughts he shouldn't think, he says I'm the only person he ever tells them and that I keep him grounded. He does the same thing for me, I try to talk or hang out with him every day but it's hard because nobody likes it when I do. Everybody says they hate him and he is bad for me but he is the only person who ever listens to me.
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