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Need advice: is the friendship over?

A place to discuss the loss of friends.

Need advice: is the friendship over?

Postby iwanttolearn » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:19 pm

Hello, I have a friend who I care about very much. I said something hurtful to him, I apologized and he forgave me but because I felt so bad, the next few days I bombarded him with texts apologizing. So on Facebook he put me on ignore, which I deserved because I left a ridiculous amount of texts for him.

A month later, still on ignore, but I used another app named Whatsapp to message him, he finally replied thank you. But I'm still on ignore on Facebook. So was his thank you a sign that the friendship is still good and it can be better than ever, or is it just a final message to me to subtly end the friendships?
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