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Cant figure my friend out anymore

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Cant figure my friend out anymore

Postby AMY2750 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:15 pm

I really cant figure my friend out anymore. We used to be really close and she used to genuinely express how much she cares about me and how attached she is to me. We used to spend alot of time together, and if we dont see each other she used to tell me how much she missed me and text me or call. Recently she has become busy in social media, I was the one who told her she should go public and shed be famous and I helped her out in everything. She always expressed her gratitude and how much she appreciated me. Then I started to feel that she was being more distant and I took it personal. A mutual friend pointed out to her that i looked upset and she immediately called me and I told her i was feeling bad vibes from her. She was shocked and said how much she loved me and couldnt live without me. For the next two days she was super nice, then all of a sudden she went cold. We were working on her social media and I felt she just wanted to finish and get away from me. This went on for weeks, on and off. A mutual friend pointed out that she was just busy and now absorbed in her project and wasnt focusing on how she was making me feel. We used to spend every weekend together, then she had her mom over so she got busy. After her mom left she invited me over again, but I still got the on and off feeling she had changed. Then one weekend i proposed she come over and she said she had already reserved at a place with another friend, I later found out she hadnt reserved but went somewhere else with that friend. I didnt mind her going out with someone else, but why lie that she had already reserved? I was upset and didnt contact her for the rest of the weekend. Come monday she called me and asked me if i was upset, I didnt say I was bcs last confrontation didnt go well. Then we had another incident where she made me upset by doing wierd stuff, I kept my distance again and she panicked and called and texted me. I decided again not to confront her. Then she once told me youre the vibes lady you suddendly get upset for no reason. I told her I had other pressures and sometimes needed my space. When she texts me she always says how much she cares for me, but when I see her in person theres just something off. Last incident came when a mutual friend said she had said something about me. this time i confronted her and told her i was upset. She denied everything and said she would never say such a thing about me, and suddendly the mutual friend said she was joking and why did I take it serious. Next day she was again super nice and friendly. Then she went colder than before. She didnt invite me over on the weekend even though I know she wasnt busy. If I dont text her the whole day she doesnt either. We started to become more distant.I decided to ask her if something was wrong after not hearing from her for a whole day which for us was unheard of. She responded by saying ommg i was just texting you and saying how much i missed you and she asked me to come over next morning. I really cant put my finger on it but she changed, I dont feel the same closeness anymore. Then she completely surprised me...I told her about some personal issues I was having and she started running just to help me. I was so grateful and felt bad for ever thinking she was sick of me or wanted to keep her distance. Then today I asked her if there where any updates on the situation and she said yess Ill call you later. And she never called. Maybe she is trying to help me because I did so much for her always on every level, so maybe she feels like she has to pay me back in some way. I just cant get rid of the feeling that she doesnt enjoy hanging out with me as she used to, or maybe shes just too self absorbed at the moment because she is busy on so many levels. I was going to open up to her before this incident, I wanted to ask her if I had done something to upset her. After helping me out, im gonna look so stupid. But I still dont feel our friendship is the same. Small things like the way she answers my messages, this is the second weekend in a row we dont hang out, she hardly ever contacts me just to ask how i am. I see her daily at work, and she used to make time to chit chat, doesnt happen anymore. I really dont know what I should do.I tried distancing myself but its so hard, i miss our closeness so much, and then all of a sudden she does something really nice that makes me doubt i was wrong. Im so confused, should I just open up to her? Last time I did it didnt go well, she is the kind of person who doesnt like confrontation. I really need some help
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