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Long Distance Friends

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Long Distance Friends

Postby CorbinTheDove » Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:58 pm

A couple of months ago, I made quite a big mistake which, unfortunately, ended up with me committing a felony. I wasn't really thinking, and I regret the decision, even if it did have some positive outcomes. For example, I managed to break free of my internet addiction, get a doctor, and some other things to help with my current mental health problems (even if some of the things I've been given are actually making it worse).

Recently, I've been sneaking back online, to talk to some of my friends. Sadly, these friends of mine live halfway across the country. Even worse, my current environment is pretty isolated. I may be surrounded by people, but all of them are people who i find annoying and offensive, yet everyone expects me to befriend people who live in the same state as I do. My friends are one of my only sources of happiness, a daily escape from the loneliness of my current condition.

And so, my problem. My parents no longer trust me to be online, which is a problem, because... My friends live way too far away. My parents don't know about them (they probably won't until i get older), and I'm not too keen on them finding out, as they tend to be a little less... Liberal than my sibling, who is soon to be moving out. What i would like to know, is how can I get my parents to trust me again? They won't even let me go to the library by myself, and the lack of freedom is very taxing to me.

Thanks in advance.
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