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Im not sure whats wrong with me

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Im not sure whats wrong with me

Postby Wair79 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 10:52 pm

I was raised in a chaotic family environment I suppose. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood I dont believe I ever developed real social skills. I have trouble keeping friends. It seems like something about me pushes people away. Even a friend Ive had for twenty years, it seems like i have to buy our friendship to keep her in my life. My husband has a group of friends that could never click with me. Some times I feel im just an unlikeable person, and Im not sure what my husband even sees in me. I know its pathetic to wallow in all my self pity because by all accounts, people would think i had a great life. But i think if its my family that gives the motivation to get up everyday. Im just so lonely for relationships outside of my husband and kids. And real friendships, where people see good in me. I just want to feel like a normal person. I dont want to feel so weird when in a group people. I want to know how to be likeable. I wish I could be happier, and not just pretend for the people around me. I know this is all so random, but I guess is how Im thinking right now.
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