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cant look at my friends the same way b/c someone's influence

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cant look at my friends the same way b/c someone's influence

Postby kitty000 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:55 pm

so i have 2 groups of friends, one i lije more than the other. one guy from my group chat in my group of friends tat i like a little less made fun of one of my friends from my other group. the thing about this guy is that i used to like him a lot for 2 years but i dont like him anymore. i always used to be really influenced by him. he made fun of this guy i was close to dating and it made me feel distant from the guy i was with and i actually agreed to what he said, but i eventually got over it. when he made fun of one of my friends from my best group i was really offended. it made me realize that im too persuaded and influenced. the worst part is when i was talking to my more favored group today, my point of view felt like it was from the guy that made fun of one of them's point of view. i felt really bad and i want to like them as much as i did last time. im too influenced by him even though i dont like him.. it feels like i dont like my friends anymore. i tried to test out if it was OCD by embracing these insults that he couldve made but that just made it worse, its not OCD. i dont know what to do! its hurting my heart): any suggestions?

-- Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:02 pm --

the reason i brought up OCD is because i used to have extreme ocd last june up to november. i still do have it but its barely visible because of how much of exposure response therapy i do. in this case my problem isnt OCD because i tried exposing myself to things that he mightve said around them and it made me sick. i kept on doing that throughout the day and it didnt help at all, just made it worse. i thought it would wear off but it didnt. it only made me want to hang with my lesser friend group.
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