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Mixing up freindship and love

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Mixing up freindship and love

Postby Segma-94alik » Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:22 am

Its been a year that i know her, we fell in love for a certain period of time but it didnt work out,she s my first love, and i m glad it was her and not someone who would dump me or stab me in the back. After things didnt work out, it was hard for me to keep seeing her and talk to her as a freind, but she was my everything, i needed her in my life, i had to keep her close, eventhought i sufferd a lot while she didnt, i used to and still cry my self to sleep sometimes as i remember (you know first love) . So thats the love part, we agreed on becoming best freinds, but i m still mixing things up i guess. We are in med school, none of us have ever had a girl/boyfreind, we see each other everyday exept weekends were she go to her parents 1h far by train. everyday after rotation we would go eat somewere or hang out somewhere. So the thing is, i never had even a freind in my life, so no freind no girlfreind, i was a closed on my self guy who talks to everyone laughs with everyone but who doesnt let anyone in untill she came and stole my entire heart, so after we stoped seing each other as boy girl freind it went all weird on me as sometimes she ignores my messages or dont make an effort in talking to me when she s little busy, and recently she went to paris and i stayed in the country, she didnt realy talk to me untill i do even though she s conected on the internet and she is seeing my msg, then cople of day after she started ignorimg my messages for half a day then a day, etc... i say maybe she s busy with the voyage and all, but she is connected talkin to her freinds, why not talk to me? And the worst part is that i deleted my birthday date on facebook to see who will remember it, she didnt! She forgot about it!! Knowing that i dont remember my moms birthday but i remember hers, i m lost, i dont know if i m right or wrong, dont know i that is freindship or love, dont know if someone does that and then talk back to you normal when they come back to the country is it selfish or is this normal in freindship
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