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Can't believe my feelz for a stranger

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Can't believe my feelz for a stranger

Postby Xena » Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:20 pm

http://q13fox.com/2015/12/15/detectives ... randfather

I was online this morning when a kid in Washington killed his grandfather in cold blood. We were on the same forum. I was reading what he wrote more or less as it was happening.

I didn't believe it at first. I thought it was just another stupid young kid trying to be all edgy and homicidal. Forums with the word "sociopath" in the title tend to attract that type. *cough* AsPD forum *cough*

Something about the things he said struck me as a little more real than nearly all of the crap that flies through that place. But I held on to my skepticism and tried to get some sleep.

Not long afterward, the news story broke and the kid's screenshot leaked.

Oh man... the poor guy. How horrible. So much blood. The kid really killed the only person in his life who was good to him. He planned his crime, plotted it, carried it out. He says he wants the death sentence for what he did. He'd been saying all along that he wanted to die.

I don't normally react to people on forums like this. I mean, I offer what support I can if I have time. But I don't normally cry or lose sleep like I would for a loved one.

It's not bc I think I coulda shoulda woulda done anything more for them. I didn't get there in time to talk any sense into the kid and scarcely believed it was happening, anyway. I guess I'm sharing now bc I think the poor dead guy deserves a more respectful sendoff than the one the a**holes on the socio forum staged for him. You folks don't even wanna know how vile people can be when they're left to their own devices on an unmoderated forum.

All I can say is that I'm glad PF has such good mods.

So I'll ask the mods now bc my own moral compass is spinning hard enough to make me dizzy after seeing that bloodbath. My common sense seems to have deserted me for the moment. I'm kinda losing my sh!t about this.

Obviously, it's not appropriate to post pics. But those famous last words... I think they need to be heard, even though the police aren't releasing any details. This is why the ethics of the situation are murky. At this point I know more than the police want to share with the public. So there may be a reason that what I know isn't in the news yet.

I'll leave it up to the mods. May I post a link to the kid's chat log? Somebody somewhere might want to know that he cared for and appreciated his grandfather, even though his act was merciless. He was, surprisingly, not completely soulless.

I think... :? :cry:
"Don't argue with crazy people. You'll look like you're the one who's crazy." -Mom
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Re: Can't believe my feelz for a stranger

Postby Smelljasmine » Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:38 am

I believe how vile they can be. I have read stuff there in the past. Strangely people have confused us.
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Re: Can't believe my feelz for a stranger

Postby CoffeeBlood » Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:12 am

Somebody somewhere might want to know that he cared for and appreciated his grandfather, even though his act was merciless. He was, surprisingly, not completely soulless.

Xena, Xena, Xena ...

you just proved the society we live in is more ###$ up than previously imagined. :roll:
do you realize that when you care and appreciate someone, you don't show it by killing them?
if a person decides to kill [and acts upon this decision] another person they claim they cared for.. then, that's all there is: claims with no proof.
the guy WAS in fact completely soulless.

i KNOW because i almost did what he did [in an act of blind rage]. You have no idea how ashamed i am of that behavior, and i can only continue living by pretending it didn't happen, by telling myself i didn't do it, and by being given another chance by that person [even though i strongly believe i don't deserve it].
I am not exactly sure what stopped me, but i'm thankful i did stop. i didn't want to be labeled as "that heartless, soulless bastard that killed their dear ____"
not ELEGANT enough
You have the Free Will of choice on how you will use the given tools. You have to take responsibility.
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