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Best friend stops talking to me and I don't know why

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Best friend stops talking to me and I don't know why

Postby MrGiggles25 » Sat Jun 27, 2015 4:23 pm

Ok. So me and my best friend(Both 16, im a guy shes a girl). We talked everyday at school for 45 minutes straight in study hall and talk the whole 45 minutes. It is now summer vacation so we yext throughout the days that we don't hang out. We seemed inseperable, as do the people around us keep saying. She keeps telling we she loves me and i always have the right things to say, but not in the sense that she wants to be in a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. I also don't want that kind of relationship. I I I just went on a vacation to the North Woods this week, and during the week she texted me for the first 2 days. And then nothing, not one response for the next five days and she still hasn't responded to any of my texts. She says i made her uncomfortable but i couldn't have because I didn't get into any thing personal when I talk to her except for the occasional "what do you like" and "are you feeling ok" because i care about her. So i suspect there is more to why she is not talking to me and I'm pretty sure it's not that time of the month. What can I do or what should I do.
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Re: Best friend stops talking to me and I don't know why

Postby Im-pure » Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:17 pm

Dont discuss sensitive issues by texting; there is a lot of miscommunication that can take place. Wait and talk to her face to face, but dont pressure her. If she wants to tell you she will.
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