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The Depth of Friendship

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The Depth of Friendship

Postby Thexena » Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:56 am

Hi All,

I am 26, Caucasian, South African. My fiance left me about 2 months ago (see relationship forum for details) and after he left all my friends left me too. Many of my friends were friends with my ex too so I know that they chose his side. But in the same time that my ex left me my best guy friend got into a car accident and has serious brain damage. His family, who had never met me (since we were only friends from the internet and only saw each other at conventions) freaked out when I over-reacted for losing my best friend and my ex-fiance in the space of a week and they told me to never contact Johann again. That was three weeks ago. Then, last Sunday 08/09/2013 I receive a whatsapp from said friend - and we chatted for a day but then last night he told me he understands now why his family told me to back off as I am too emotional... I feel like I've lost him all over again.

After my ex left me, my best Girl friend found out I was no longer a virgin (Virginity is very important for a white South African girl otherwise she will never get married and she will be condemned to Hell) and she called me a slut and threw me away, also turning all my other high school friends against me.

I am so hurt but I have no one to support me through my pain and rejection.

My counselor put it very nicely: I am going through deep waters, but those friends could not swim that deep. I need to find friends that can help me swim, not drag me down and help me drown, but where? How can I ever trust people if they all just let me down? :cry:
"You never know how strong you are... Until being strong is the only option you have."
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