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Why would you make your family wait ?

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Why would you make your family wait ?

Postby Paul12345 » Sat Jun 03, 2023 9:03 am

I'm 60 now and still working out my relationship with my father.
When I visit my parents we might make plans to go out for lunch or visit someone, at the last minute my father will always go and hide in the bathroom and keep us waiting.
As a child we would be ready to go out as a family and all get in the car except for my father who would stay in the house and keep us all waiting for up to 45 minutes.
As a young man I would go to watch a sports team with my father, he would always be late and cause us to miss the train we had planned to catch.
If my parents went out to dinner they would always be late leaving friends waiting in the restaurant.
Why would someone do this to friends and family?.
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