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Lost My Son To Suicide

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Lost My Son To Suicide

Postby GreenEyes1950 » Tue Jan 07, 2020 8:41 pm

Hello this is a very hard subject. Suicide alone is very devastating rather it be your child, parent, sibling, husband or wife. It is a life long struggle to understand and heal. You never for get never. You just learn to cope and function. With the help from Councilors, Friends, Clergy anyone helps. You will be surprised how many families and people just like you and me are here hurting but learned to not feel guilty when we laugh a bit. I think for me anyway the biggest step of my grieving was recently when I went back to a councilor (Son died 1986 16yrs. old) I never looked at his pictures because it brought me back to that day. With the road closed and Swat and gosh it was a nightmare. Well anyway I can now look at a picture of my son and see him as my son a person AND NOT SEE THAT DAY It Happened. That was a huge step for me.

If people are reaching out to help you reach back and take it slow and easy. I kept going and worked on healing and learning to live because I did have family. To You who have experienced the loss of a loves one rather it be to suicide or even a killing... my heart and love go to you. Thanks For reading.
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