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Whats wrong with me??

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Whats wrong with me??

Postby Steve SW » Tue May 10, 2005 12:27 pm

Hey how is everyone doing, in 17 years old turning 18 in a few weeks.

Alright last summer i was the happist kid i had everything going for me i was captain of the basball team,I was working out everyday i had lost 50 pounds and put on some muscle. I was intenllegent, i didnt care what about what anyone thought about me at all. I had a girlfriend for 2 years my parents werent fighting.... then

My dad started getting really sick, my girlfriends left me for another guy so i had a lot to worry about. I couldnt take staying home and worrying ( normal worrying nothing bad out of the ordinary? so i started haning out with this new kid i met whio did a lot of drugs....

The first time i smoked weed with him i was fine for the first times then alll of a sudden i had a panick attack when i was high on marijuana. I never smoked again... so i decided to drink and when i got drunk i had a panick attack. I never had panick attacks when i got high or drank alachole before an now everytime i smoke or drink i get a panick attack i dont understand. Welll the whole summer for about 2 months i ddnt do ne drugs or nething but i had crazy thoughts in my head. I alwyas thought i was dying i always thought i had a certain diesase or something was wrong with me. I always felt like solmething bad was going on in my body. For the past 8 months after that crazy summer of getting no sleep i have never felt the same. now i have blurry vision sometimes like everything goes dizzy and i get all scared. Lights hurt my eyes like crazy i always feel like theres stress on my chest and im always nerbous. Its hard for me to sleep cause i feel like i can hear my heart beating its weird. Im always tired as helll even if i get 10 hours of sleep. I dont go to school ne more cause i feel so bad. My symptons were so much worse but ive conquered my feats a lot buti never feel the same as i used to. Ive had a lot of panick attacks but not i dont have them cause i can control them and no nothings wrong with me. I have gained 40 pounds stopped going to school and working out... its hard for me to find motivation ... im always worrying about everything... can someone tell me whats wrong with me???? there more if u want to know....
Steve SW


Postby Butterfly Faerie » Tue May 10, 2005 3:30 pm

Those are classic panic or anxiety attacks.
I have been suffering with anxiety all of my life, I was diagnosed at 16 with GAD, and Clinical Depression along with SAD, a few years ago I was then diagnosed with PTSD. I am now 25 and my anxiety is more controlled. I rarely get panic attacks anymore, and I am able to control the anxiety before it reaches the panic stage.

Booze etc doesn't help an anxious person. What likely happened was that you for instance might have gotten a tingling sensation while on weed or from drinking, that itself can trigger anxiety for a person and the person may not even know it. So everytime something like that happens it's instant anxiety.

What has helped me the most with anxiety is finding the triggers. What is causing them, what was I thinking at that particular time (automatic thoughts). What were my symptoms, were my palms sweaty, was I have irregular heartbeats?

Therapy was a bonus for me. When I first started suffering panic attacks no one knew what was wrong with me. I'd skip school, be terrifed to go (not just because of panic attacks, or headaches but for another reason as well.) Avoidance seemed like the only answer at the time, then I wouldn't feel that certain discomfort and fear. My family doc sent me to my psychiarist that I have been with for over 8 yrs now. She helped me to sort all this out, she did perscribe me meds that worked wonders, but didn't get rid of the anixety ... it did help with my depression etc. That's mainly why I'm still on meds.

No medication does get rid of anxiety, that is key, only you can be rid of the symptoms by figuring out what the triggers are and facing them dead on.

Also a few self help books helped me understand anxiety and panic more. The one book that turned everything around for me in a postive way was a book called... "don't panic" by R. Reid Wilson, ph.d.

Another book that is helpful is called... The anxiety & phobia workbook, third edition by Edmund J. Borune ph.d

Good luck to you ,you are definatly not alone in this.... what you have expierenced is normal for anxiety.

Hang in there.
Butterfly Faerie
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