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I think I have GAD

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I think I have GAD

Postby concretia616 » Wed Apr 27, 2005 9:03 pm

Okay, so I'd bet a body part (just a small one, like a finger or toe) that I do have GAD. I think I've always had it, actually. See, a few months ago I had an anxiety attack that brought the ambulance to my house because I was hyperventilating so badly that I was paralyzed. I've had massive headaches my whole life with no explanation, and I'm the biggest worry-wort that I've ever met. And thinking back, it's not normal for a 4 year old to only be able to sleep at night because a police officer lives 2 houses over (that was me...silly little girl). I'm always thinking the worst; I was doing research on GAD, and one of the examples they gave was a family member being 10 minutes late, and all of a sudden you've got them pictured having been in a car accident and being rushed to the hospital because they are on the brink of death (hey, they are 10 minutes late after all). THe people that wrote that could have been in my head (maybe I should sue for plagiarism..haha). And if there is a near-accident, i.e. I was at a friend's house one night and her windows were open (screen and all) and I noticed them and shut them because my 18 month old was wandering around...to this day I can still imagine what would have happened had he fallen out one of them (she lives on the third floor). I cannot sit down and relax; if I sit and don't do anything, my stomach gets knotted more and more as time goes on because in my head I'm picturing all the things that could be getting done, as well as going over my list of things that i want to get done eventually. My boyfriend can't decide if I have ADHD, or OCD; he's accused me of having both. Also, I can't leave anything the way it is, especially in my house. The ongoing joke with my friends is that my furniture is in different places everytime they come over (and they visit often). I'm also "that guy", you know, the one that thinks the iron is on, or that I forgot to do something before leaving the house. Can't run the dryer at night while in bed because it could blow up and we wouldn't know it and we'd all incinerate in our sleep. I've had acid reflux in the past so badly that I would foam at the mouth in my sleep. I don't get any good sleep and I'm always tired; I could take a 5 hour nap in the afternoon and still go to bed at my normal bedtime. I make my family call me when they're traveling if it's snowing or raining (by traveling I mean coming from my house to theirs, not cross-country roadtrip). I'm always uttering the words "but what if this happened", so on and so forth. I'm moody and used to be a smoker (quit with the help of Zyban); my smoking trigger was stress, which I am always under. I am not comfortable unless my house is stocked with food, you know, in case the grocery stores suddenly close down :roll: (especially the one within walking distance of my house!)

I don't know if my issue is that I'm neurotic, or maybe my boyfriend is right about the ADHD or OCD or something, but I'm pretty sure it could be GAD. Now my question is, what the heck do I do to fix it, or at least make it a little less overwhelming?

Thanks for listening to me babble....

Oh yeah, another thing that has been pointed out to me; I always think people are after me, like there's this massive plot in every calculated move that everyone makes....I sort of see this, but not to the extent that the indicator says...



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