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Does Anyone Else Sigh a Lot?

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Does Anyone Else Sigh a Lot?

Postby lilbb » Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:17 pm

I have general anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, and depression, along with Asperger's. Lucky me. :roll:

A few years ago, it was pointed out to me that I sigh a lot. Some people take that as me being angry, annoyed or bored. I've had to tell some people, "I'm not mad, I'm just breathing." It actually became a running joke for a while. I'm not sure if I do this due to anxiety or because of GERD/acid reflux.

I find sometimes that I tend to hold my breath while awake. I don't know why I do that either. I suspect that the sighing is me actually taking a breath again.

Does anyone else do this?

I ask because my father is angry with me for doing this. I cannot control it. It's so normal and automatic to me. I suspect GERD may play a part, along with anxiety but I'm not sure. I guess I want to know if my father has a right to be mad about me doing this? It offends him. I'm an adult and live with my parents.

He only notices it when he enters the same room as I'm in. I suspect I was probably holding my breath while focused on whatever I was doing, then he enters the room and takes my attention away from what I was doing and this leads to me taking a breath - which appears to him as me sighing in frustration. I'm just breathing.

From what I've learned over the years, I'm unusual. Most people have not encountered someone like me before. I recognize that I'm very odd. I've found that many people take my normal behaviors the wrong way. They think I'm mad when I'm not. Or they think I'm upset/sad when I'm not. Basically, most everyone misinterprets my body language, probably because of Asperger's. I didn't know I had that until I was 30.
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Re: Does Anyone Else Sigh a Lot?

Postby Snaga » Fri Sep 24, 2021 1:53 am

I've never heard of that- I can understand the misinterpretation, but surely your family ought to know how it is with you, by now. They know of your issues, yes? And how many times do you have to explain it's just something you do without even realising it?

I've had severe acid reflux, by the way, and I don't ever recall doing that. Only if I have the sensation of not being able to breath- or worse- going all OCD about semi-autonomic functions, which I have been known to do...
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Re: Does Anyone Else Sigh a Lot?

Postby Madness88 » Wed Aug 17, 2022 6:30 pm

Same. I especially do it at jobs when I'm working with the public more, mostly because I get worn out so fast. There's usually no other meaning to it. And I'm really bad about when a customer asks "how I'm doing"...I'm usually on autopilot to say "tired", because it's usually how I feel the whole time I'm there.

But yeah sighing and responses that are on autopilot, repeated phrases, responses etc. It's no really necessarily out of boredom, but too tired to think of anything creative to say, so I sigh or repeat things.
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