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What do I have, I have never seen somebody with my issue?

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What do I have, I have never seen somebody with my issue?

Postby bobbbby » Tue Dec 08, 2020 10:32 am

Since i'm young, I have that thing where whenever I have somebody's attention, if i'm talking, I lose complete concentration on what i'm saying, start stuttering, my mind kind of goes blank for a few seconds, and usually that brings a little panick in me. I fixed so many things in my life and this is the biggest issue that if I fix, i'll become the best version of myself, but this is a big challenge. I don't know what it is. It's like whenever I think of the thought itself of my mind blanking, my mind can go blank. But some situation can trigger that thought to pop up such as when i'm having lot of a attention from somebody ; when i'm talking to somebody when I gotta use my logical thinking basically (studying with a teammate can do it too). I'll do anything possible in life to fix this, because it ruined such a massive portion of my life. I have not seen nobody with something like this on the internet and i'm really wondering what that is.
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Re: What do I have, I have never seen somebody with my issue?

Postby Igneous » Mon Jan 04, 2021 3:42 am

I have had the same issue. I start talking to someone or a group of people and then in the middle of my speech, I just draw a blank and struggle to find the words to continue my thoughts. It’s really frustrating and stressful, and the listeners often get impatient with waiting for me to finish.

You said you have this happen when “you have their attention.” That could be a key element in your stress to be able to speak. Someone, the listener is your “audience.” They’re paying attention and they have expectations of you. That could be stressful.

Usually I have this happen in social situations, but not work situations. I’m a teacher so I prepare my speech beforehand. I really think preparation helps to solve the lack of fluency. But when you’re in a social situation, you can’t prepare. Thus the stress.
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