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ADA request

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ADA request

Postby doc1623 » Wed Apr 29, 2020 5:59 pm


I go to the VA. I've been diagnosed with General Anxiety for a long time. They did an assesment and more popped but I have done ADA request before through them for wfh.

I'm a computer worker and half of my team, including my boss is remote.

I have trouble getting things done. I want to do more for myself. I would like to do an ADA that'll let me work from home but they tell me it'll make my anxiety worse and I don't understand that.

I've had anxiety all my life. When I get stressed, I get bad. Working from home is less stress/more time. I can take usefull breaks/lunch where I can't in the office. Less noise...less distractions...

I was hoping to get some understanding here, because I don't understand their latest response.
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