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question about meds?

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question about meds?

Postby grassymango » Tue Feb 25, 2020 6:54 pm

Hi there
im 26 been on meds generally for a couple of years for GAD recently upped to 225mg Effexor along with 50mg quetiapine for sleep, i was on 225mg last year but came off because i didn't feel myself lack of emotion felt like a robot. and the profesionals decided to up it again so i did 3 months ago since then i have also gone on 50mg quetiapine for sleep. and i have been feeling the same like a robot and just not myself they didn't belive me?
2nd question i had a bad episode on the weekend i had to go out for drinks and a meal all day i was worrying about it so i decided to take 5mg diezapam to help with nerves so i managed to go to drinks i had 4 pints and i ended up leaving on my own feeling so suicidal and punched a wall amd messed my hand up. had the worst hangover ever on sunday my fault i know. but i went to work today had the shakes normal considering what happened then i managed to get to work but i felt so out of it almost like delirium i couldn't concentrate on anything my eyes were bloodshot never had anything like it.
tried to see my psychiatrist but he not free for a week and i have a full time job to deal with i just feel so lost could i be on too many meds? what could cause that episode today thanks sorry for the long post
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