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Question about my mental health.

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Question about my mental health.

Postby Dave95 » Sat May 18, 2019 1:29 pm

Hello People!

I'll just start with my story.

I am a 24 year old male. I have what you can consider a happy life, got a good job, a loving girlfriend and family, no troubles whatsoever. So around 3 weeks ago, a friend came over to my place and we smoked some Marijuana (I am not a regular smoker, I maybe smoke once every 3 months.) It felt alright, but soon after I experienced what is called a horror-trip. In my head I had a feeling, that I couldnt explain to anyone, my body never felt that feeling before, it was a feeling of helplessness, fear, sadness and shock. After that night, i felt horrible the next day. The day after that I started feeling better, until some days ago, when that feeling came back. Immediately after that feeling hits, i start feeling really sad, and scared, it happens at random moments or before it hits. It is like a feeling, that i know something is wrong in my head, and I can feel it at the back of my head, my muscles start to shake, it is really uncomfortable, it kinda makes me want to cry. I've tried to search the Web, to see what it might be, the closest it gets to is anxiety. So I am here asking, is it true, does it stay with me forever, or is it just a temporary thing, my body trying to cope with it, since it never experienced that feeling before. I have no medical records of mental illnesses, I was fine, before I smoked it. Thank you for your answers in advance!
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