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I cannot leave my parrot

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I cannot leave my parrot

Postby cybele » Fri May 10, 2019 10:22 am

Hi all. I'm new here. I think I found a great community here. I'd like to say hello to all of you.

The main reason I join this group is that I can't handle an issue in my life nowadays. I work from home with my husband in our home office. And we have a lovely African grey parrot since 2013. So we really got used to our parrot. She is with us day and night. She's our child especially for me. I have strong bonds with her. And on these days I feel these bonds very effectively, may be as strong as causing harmful effects.

On these days we're planning to move to another country. This is a very good opportunity for us to have a better job. But unfortunately, we will not be able to take our parrot with us. Because its species is in the endangered species. And we have to prepare so many documents for her. Passport, health report, report from CITES and more.

So maybe we can take her with us after one year when we settled there. Until this time, our family accepted to look after her. But I am very worried about that. Even they said us they can look after her, I don't feel better. I am very sorry that I leave her. And I constantly think about disaster scenarios. Like, she is falling into depression, she is thinking that we left her forever and we'll not get back to her, she's plucking her feathers and many more. I'm worried about her for 7/24 and I can not deal with it anymore.

When I told that to my husband he said to me that we cannot take her with us. And he did not promise that we'll take her after one year. So that means there's not hope to take her with us. But I think I cannot live without her and I'll try to do that one year later.

The thing is that I can't give her responsibility to someone else. I cannot trust someone else. I think our family cannot look after her like me. If something bad happens to her if she becomes ill, how can I blame them? They told me that they can send me pictures, videos and I can make video calls to see her but that's not relieving my mind.

Do you have any suggestions for that? How can I do?

Thanks and I appreciate any answer.
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