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Terrified I’m some kind of sicko

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Terrified I’m some kind of sicko

Postby Scaredoflifee » Tue Dec 18, 2018 1:53 am

When I was around 13 I discovered I had a fetish, it’s a fetish that is pretty tame but rather uncommon, I like to see girls get wedgies, so on Instagram I found a bunch of people (male and female) anywhere from 13-20+ and some of the people posted pictures of them giving themselves wedgies. Now over the years I saved pictures to my iPod. Now as a got older I had so many pictures and videos (most of them regular completely legal porn) but I still had some of the wedgie pictures from over the years that’s I didn’t even realize and when I was 18 I found out how strict cp laws are, so I went back and deleted anything that even looked under 18. I was completely shocked when I found that out and it has terrified me ever since. It makes me think that I am some kind of perverted pedophile because they weren’t 18. I cant talk to anyone because they would think I’m a sex offender and I can’t stop wondering if they would be right. It just keeps tearing me up inside.
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Re: Terrified I’m some kind of sicko

Postby LucyTate » Sun Oct 20, 2019 4:17 am

Hey scaredoflifee!

Growing up, a lot of people find things about themselves they might not like, or seems strange to them, like a certain fetish. Having an interest in things like that is natural as you get older, and I will say most teens with access to the internet will find things like this and sometimes even keep them. It happens. (Though viewing it underage is illegal it still commonly happens)

I think it was a good idea to delete ones that were underage. Since you're 18 (correct me if I'm wrong),that could count as a crime of some form. Since you were younger before then, having attraction to other people around your age is also, of course, a normal thing. Honestly underage people should not be posting things like that in the first place, but your attraction to it wasn't sick or creepy.

Just beware from now on of the ages and everything of things like that. Since this isn't a direct attraction to minors specifically, but rather the act itself, you probably shouldn't worry at all. I'm no professional, just want to clear your conscience a bit and let you know you're definitely not a "sicko".

Hope this helped <3
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