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Worst year of my life, ANXIETY and PARANOIA

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Worst year of my life, ANXIETY and PARANOIA

Postby SPAOLON » Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:11 am

Hello everyone, I'm seeking help regarding my situation.
I'm continuosly stressed and anxious about everything. I can't relax, i am restless and alsways have to keep myself occupied if it's not with cigarettes it is doing something with my hands. I don't freely think anymore, i'm always concearned about what others might think of me, i feel powerless and not good enough to face others. I am a student in international business and as the first year went well this second one was the worst! I can't concentrate anymore, i feel stupid... i have thoughts like as if there was a conspiracy against me and as if everyone knew how i felt....excessive paranoia! i have lost respect for myself. i don't have passions and i lost every sort of interest, i was not like that last years.
i now can't have fun anymore coz i'm always concearned with something. i never know what to say, i'm not funny anymore coz all i can think of is how i am appearing to others and what others might think of me. it's like i lost the ability to think for myself. my happiness depends on the happiness of the people around me and i'm always looking in trying to understand how they feel instead of thinking about me. i lost that ability, it's like i'm experiencing dementia... and recently i'm noticing that my way of walking is not stable, it is like as if i limp.
as you can tell i have many problems...and to me it happened because of my weed abuse of last year. it's been 2 months now since the last time i smoked weed and nothing changed. therefor i really don't know what to do.
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