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Anything You Think Can't or Won't Happen or Likely Won't

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Anything You Think Can't or Won't Happen or Likely Won't

Postby BadluckLeavesMeBroke » Thu May 13, 2021 4:18 pm

Anything you think can't or likely won't happen in a casino can and will happen, and I am not talking about the wins, I am talking about whatever system you think can't lose. I am talking about whatever pattern or betting style you think will not lose.

Today, I am choosing to face reality, and that reality is that any strategy I think can't or likely won't lose, I realize that I am wrong. After years of relapses whether that was after several months or after over a year of no gambling, I realize that no matter what "strategy" I came with and no matter how hard I tried, the casino could not and would not be beaten. If you are reading this, take your life back today and give it up. Don't chase the losses, draw the line to any further losses and give up gambling now.

No strategy works in the casinos. If you think you can't lose with a certain betting style or strategy, think again. Think about the scenarios that can cause you to lose, and know that they can and will happen if you don't stop gambling. Regain control of your life now, and remove all forms of gambling from your life.
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Re: Anything You Think Can't or Won't Happen or Likely Won't

Postby getting_better » Wed May 19, 2021 10:39 pm

I'm glad you came to this very important conclusion. It will help you stay away from gambling.
You finally accepted that the math is set in stone - the casino always wins. Mathematicians created the gambling rules. There is nothing you can do about it.
You can avoid the mathematical laws for a day or two, maybe even a month or two, but eventually the casino wins. The more you play, better the changes are that the mathematical/statistical laws will overtake your lucky streak. That is why the casino pays the hotel to the (winning) players - they don't want them to leave the table, so the math has enough time to destroy their lucky streak.

Various strategies made me relapse a lot. It was hard to stop because it's even trickier with the sports gambling. It's so easy to believe that you know better than the bookies about the outcome of some sport event. Especially if it's your team playing.
All of my strategies failed because the math it's set against the bettors. Even if I found a system that works - it wouldn't have worked for me. Because I was a compulsive gambler. I liked the adrenaline. I don't want to sit there and be disciplined and risk only when some strict system says so. I can't be disciplined and take the gambling as a 9 to 5 job. If I want to work I'll pick something else to do. I gambled because I wanted easy money and I liked the adrenaline.

Now you have a new important weapon on your side - greater awareness of how this vicious cycle works and a firm decision not to be part of it.
Stay strong my friend.
Connection is the opposite of addiction

Today gamble free I stay!
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