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i am 21 year old with serious gambling addiction

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i am 21 year old with serious gambling addiction

Postby navii » Wed May 06, 2020 5:53 am

Hello Everyone,

My name is Navii and im 21 year old
im basically from india but currently staying in Tbilisi ,Georgia

i am here seeking for some advice on how to deal with my addiction since i don’t have any friends who cares about me and i don’t want to break my parents heart sharing this with them :cry:

i am now 21 year old with this addiction and with a debt of 10000$ with no idea on how to clear it.
i always hated the idea of gambling but unfortunately here i am in its trap.
i was very happy 5 months ago when i had not idea of gambling but it all started with my unsuccessful business ,i always dreamt of becoming young business man so i started a business of importing and selling cars here in this country everything was fine and one day i got cheated and lost all my investments.
i was desperately searching for a way to recover all the money i lost in business that’s where i came in contact with gambling.(which i regret very badly)
So i started gambling online(there is no shortage for gambling sites in this country),initially i used to place small bets and i was winning all the time so i decided to increase my bets that’s where i started losing and ended up with 0.00$.
Later with newly loaned funds i started gambling again inorder to recover previously lost money and i ended up losing that money too and this went on repeatedly for few times and by that time my debt had become big.
i decided to take help from my parents fo clear off debts and my parents they are so great, they lent me money to clear off debts but i thought ‘using this money i will win enough money to clear debts and i will return this to my parents’ which didn’t happen and i ended up losing that too.
With all this loss and debts i couldn’t find a way to repay other than gambling so i started borrowing money from friends and i started gambling again and again and again.
Now, i lost everything and i am left pennyless so i borrowed money from parents for paying my rent ,bills and for food but i played with that money as well :|

i am fed up with myself ,i just want to end this life .........5-6 months ago i had everything in my life but now i have messed it up.

nothing has happened according to my plan all students of my age group are so happy having girlfriends, enjoying but here i am with debts.......i am a LOSER :cry:

i am a very bad person every time while borrowing money i lie to my friends,family but once i get money i am always there on that gambling site. :(

i don’t know how to stop and every time i sit i am always thinking about the money i have lost the guilt is killing me :cry:

Please help me! :(
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Re: i am 21 year old with serious gambling addiction

Postby Aries411 » Wed May 06, 2020 4:23 pm

Welcome to the forum Navii,

Your story is familiar to many of us. Gambling to recover money loss from elsewhere. Losing more money and borrowing money to replace it. Figuring that maybe they can gamble and get back the money. Lose that money and need to borrow more. Lose that and it continues.
The amount grows exponentially because we are trying to get it back in one shot.

My best advice is to accept the loss and to realize that $10000 is not too much. Yes it is a lot now, but it will cost you WAY more if you keep chasing. I was once in $10000 in debt, but after chasing for 15+ years to try to get back to even, I've lost a few 100K. Don't do down that path.

To keep you away from gambling, I highly recommend self-exclusion on all your sites. Also, pay your rent, insurance and other things early to keep your disposable income low. When we have access to money, our minds lie to us and make us think we can all get it back.

Keep visiting the forum and update us on how you are doing :D
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Re: i am 21 year old with serious gambling addiction

Postby getting_better » Fri May 08, 2020 2:13 am

Navii I'm so sorry for your loss. You must be in a lot of pain an anxiety now. You have to stop suffering. Start doing the only thing that will save you - come clean to your parents and friends.
Nothing else will help you on a long run. You have to admit that you made mistake and tell to the people you care what happened. We are humans we all make mistakes. If you keep this thing in the dark - it will come back to haunt you and drag you back to gambling.

The money you lost is lost. Forever. GET OVER IT. It's done. It doesn't even matter.
Don't loose the trust from your parents and friends now. That is what matters.
Take the painful step of coming clean, admitting what happened, make a plan and commit to paying back your friends. It will probably take several years to come out of this mess, but you WILL DO IT.
You are very young and you have all the time in the world to recover and have a great life. Don't compare to your peers. This is the road you chose so walk it with dignity now. You saw and learned thing they don't know. Make that your strong side instead of missing what they have or do.
Be brave and forget about gambling. You paid your lesson now move on. Life will give you beautiful things in your new and different way of living, as repellent as it might seem now. The pain will disappear with time and everything will be better. It will be just a distant memory.

Stay strong and all the best
Connection is the opposite of addiction

Today gamble free I stay!
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Re: i am 21 year old with serious gambling addiction

Postby NewLife2017 » Wed Sep 09, 2020 4:52 am

use gam block or other gambling blocking apps or sites to block any online gambling
Gambling will never help you make money, I have tried it many times and even if you win it is never enough and you get hooked in and will lose. It is simple, the more you gamble the more you lose.
I hope you are able to maintain or recover your business and slowly but surely pay back everyone. Don't fall any further into the trap of gambling you lose money, dignity, self worth, friends even sometimes family or your sanity or your life. You can never control it and it will never get better. Claim your life back and you have a lot of time at 21. Best Wishes
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