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Postby conor2198 » Thu Dec 19, 2019 10:37 pm

I am currently 21 years of age, living in a country with one of the highest rates of problem gambling in Europe. I started gambling when I was 16, the amounts I gamble vary, but I always remain broke. I see piers who have streaked past me academically and professionally, I am sick of the constant stress and lying they have become almost innate over the last few years. I am currently suffering from things like anxiety and depression, which gambling has certainly not prevented. it seems as though there is no where I can turn, I cannot bring myself to attend a gamblers anonymous meeting, although I know this is very shallow of me, I suppose it is the last stage, the last gasp for salvation. I want to be able to give up on my own terms using will power. I have tried meditation, but found it tedious, I am in the fortunate position where I don't owe any money, mainly down to luck as I have not been able to attain any for quite some time. I often ponder on where I would be without gambling. but as the years progress, I feel hope slipping away. I just don't want to my life to be filled with nothing.
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Re: Gambling

Postby Aries411 » Sat Dec 21, 2019 3:25 pm

Welcome to the forum Conor,

The steps that you are going through are very common to gambling addicts and I am happy that you realize you have a problem and are on the right steps. I could tell you from experience that pride and the desire to fight this disease on your own only delays your recovery. I have been there and thought that since I got myself into this mess, I wanted to get myself out of it on my own. Actually, that was the lie I told myself. I just didn't want anyone to know about my problem. I hid this for 15 years and it led me to financial ruin. My advice would be try give GA a try (3 meetings). If it doesn't work for you, then give willpower a go. However, if any of us could do this by willpower, most of us wouldn't be on this forum.

For further excellent strategies, please go through the Strategies thread on this forum. Please keep on posting :D
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