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Why is gambling so addictive

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Why is gambling so addictive

Postby rainbowcolor » Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:48 pm

An interesting article I read from another site.

A gambler has flawed thinking. Logic is set aside in favor of luck. For example,
Placing a bet on black because it hasn't come up in 10 spins of the roulette wheel.
Logically the odds of black coming up should be exactly even but the house has an
advantage because there are 2 spins that are house favored which are 00 and color green. The house holds the advantage in any system. A bet of one dollar gives the American bettor odds against winning of 37-1.

Of course gamblers have their systems which may slow down the losing process
but in the end the odds always favor the house.

Gambling addiction is not to be taken lightly. It sucks a paycheck earned legitimately by hard work into the hands of those who profit on their misery.
The addict must lose because he can feel bad about himself to justify his
constant need to gamble. Gamblers I have known are consumed with the
excitement, whether they win or lose. Do they take their winnings home
to pay the bills? Not on your life. The object is the excitement and not
taking the winnings. There is always one more level to reach but it is not
attained because the addict will always lose in the end, in fact, must lose in
the end.
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Re: Why is gambling so addictive

Postby uskat » Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:16 am

thanks for this post.

I'm still not so sure I sought the losing - the way the books say we do.....

But I know I sought the TIME ON GAME. MORE casino "play" time.

and I know even in the losing, that ANTICIPATION of the possibility of a win (while the wheel spun, the card turned or to dice rolled) also sent the chemicals rushing.

the odds are in casinos favor -- for the long haul. As I wanted the time -- they were destine to win

if my true desire is to keep it going... on and on and on and on-- yes, eventually they will rake all my money.

maybe that pit feeling in my stomach of that AWFUL bad beat, the injustice, the devastation -- did drive me back for the redemption of a win --- but was I really that masochistic ? maybe the shame of my cycle really did seek total destruction of self. THANK goodness that is not where I am today
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