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Feeling Good Today

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Feeling Good Today

Postby NewLife2017 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 3:51 am

I sure do treasure the days I feel good. I haven't even thought about gambling the last few days. It helps that I have been keeping myself busy studying. I remember that when I did gamble, even if I won or broke even, just the act of gambling made me anxious and when I was done I didn't feel myself for the next few days. I also noticed that I could not concentrate on other things as well when I gambled. Where I live we had exceptionally great weather today and I just appreciate that I got to enjoy it without a gambling hangover, depression, anxiety or urges.

Also eating good food is a blessing, It just feels good. I sometimes left myself so broke even food was out of my budget.

I also don't miss the manipulative, selfish people I hung out with and that I had become. I think back to some of the comments or conversations and can't even believe I was a part of that conversation.

I will never forget one time at the Flamingo Casino in Vegas, I was playing BJ on a table with a friend and we were betting high, all of a sudden the security started roping off the area around us and asking patrons to move away. They did not ask us to move away. I asked what was going on, but they did not tell me until they had already checked a backpack, left next to a table 2 tables away from us that they apparently had a bomb threat. They just let us keep playing on that table because we were betting big. That is how cold, callous and greedy casinos are, they didn't tell us about a bomb threat and have us leave. I definitely don't miss the casino treatment of people, when you have money you are a queen to them otherwise trash.

It is good to remind myself of some of the horrors of casinos
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