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What do you do the day after a big loss to feel better?

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Re: What do you do the day after a big loss to feel better?

Postby rainbowcolor » Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:21 pm

marathon wrote:
I wonder this every single hour. I am a logical thinking man. Why did I think a jackpot / big win will occur soon while losing money ALL THE TIME??
It is very clearly evident that you will lose everything, but still cling to the stupid hope to get rich.


I think heavy, out of control and reckless gambling is an act of some serious self hatred. It not only destroy us financially but also prevent us from living the life we should live as a human being.

Once I am in the casino, all logic went out the window. My solution is to stay far away from gambling and find some other activities, maybe sky diving or climbing Mount Everest sound good.
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Re: What do you do the day after a big loss to feel better?

Postby Jhaymee01 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:04 pm

I was then lose a lot of money 10000 dollars in one day. That is the money I was waiting for after I got hurt from work. For two months with no paycheck and struggling. I went back to gamble and told my self i will only gamble 500. That 500 goes up to 10000 dollars for the whole day. I was so upset to myself and have a breakdown. I cried so hard and blaming myself why I cant stop. The world came crushing down on me. I was broke for almost a month but survive with the help of my family. I hated casino so much. They made that place to rob us and destroy almost everybody. It ruined my life,my moral,and dignity. But everyday I always tell myself it's only money and I can still make some money from working hard. I'm still alive and recovering from the disease that gambling put in my mind. I will get over it. Someday all this casino will get their Karma. Whatever you lose will come back to you in some other way you just have to open your eyes. Life is good without gambling..
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