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Can or should an addict work in the gambling industry?

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Can or should an addict work in the gambling industry?

Postby bitcoin gambler » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:28 pm

Hi all,

I have a huuuuuge dillema. Gambling destroys lives, it has near destroyed mine. I have been at rock bottom more than once now. And I have very few ways to get out.

I currently have a job, and this job allows me to pay my monthly expenses and to pay my debts. This job has also made me very unhappy, I feel powerless, I hate my colleagues and it's part of the reason I started gambling again. I really wanted to get out, and I gambled hoping to reach the riches and be able to quit.
I also know this company is running out of money and at most I have one year of employment left, not enough to pay my debts. This company is in the financial industry.
I have done interviews at several companies in my area and all pay ~50%-60% of what I'm earning now, not enough to live and pay my debts. So I have no way out. Except:

I have new opportunity, I would be the lead of an online cryptocurrency casino. Me and two partners have found two investors who are each willing to invest in this project. It will be legitimate with licenses and everything. It would also pay myself a significant salary for the next 2 years. But it is a online casino. The exact kind that made me lose all my money.

Should I, on an ethical level, even do this? And I decide to do it, how can I prevent myself from ever gambling again. I think I can make sure I have no way of gambling, no creditcards etc, no way to actually deposit money in a casino.
My justification for taking this opportunity is that I need it and that there is plenty of people who don't have an gambling addiction. Is this still wrong?
bitcoin gambler
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Re: Can or should an addict work in the gambling industry?

Postby 58gambling » Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:13 pm

There is no way I can see this being a good move for you. If you're looking for positive reinforcement about it, you won't get it from me. It's like asking if an alcoholic can work as a bartender with no problems. You seem to be a pretty intelligent person; I can't believe you can't find some other job or livelihood than something crazy like this. We all know though, you're gonna do what you want to do at the end of the day anyway.......but my answer to your question is NO WAY JOSE. The answer seems to me to be so obvious, as to be absurd.
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Re: Can or should an addict work in the gambling industry?

Postby Aries411 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:59 am

It seems like the focus you have is to pay back your debts, which is an obvious thing we have to do, but at what cost. When I was gambling, the biggest burden was my enormous debt, but once my recovery took its course, I found that the largest burden was actually the emotional turmoil. The hiding, the lying, the sneaking around, the roller coaster of wins and losses and the eventual regret. I lived like that for 16 years, but once I started getting in some decent gf time and began living again, I knew that no amount of money is worth that craziness when we are in the cycle of addiction.

If however, you have no money for food or place to live, of course you should take the job to survive, but if you have the opportunity to work elsewhere, please take it.

I know its hard, but we have to try to avoid the focus on money. Let me ask you... if you made twice the amount you are making now, would you be much better financially? I that for me, my debt would be twice as big..
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Re: Can or should an addict work in the gambling industry?

Postby NewSunRising » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:42 am

Please listen to 58Gambling And Aries 411 - 2 members who have a solid recovery in their grasp . The thing with gambling addiction is , I think on some level , we will always want to be able to gamble like normal people . But we aren't those kind of people . We are the kind who will gamble ourselves to destruction even as we promise ourselves we won't let that happen . We have no control over ourselves when we are in the grip of gambling madness . We never will .

I also agree with them . This will not benefit you in the long term . Indeed , it will keep gambling in your life and on your mind on a daily basis . If you made it this far in your career , there are other industries in which you can employ your skills and meet your goals .

Your debt will be resolved long before the addiction will .
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Re: Can or should an addict work in the gambling industry?

Postby Fund Manager » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:31 pm

This "opportunity" has more red flags than a Chinese military parade!

Imagine the following scenario:

Your best friend is a full-blown alcoholic.

He wants to open up a bar with family members.

What advice would you give him?
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