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I reported gambling crimes and feeling bad - please help me

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I reported gambling crimes and feeling bad - please help me

Postby NoMoreBetsPlease » Wed May 16, 2018 6:33 am

There is a betting agent for sports betting that many people use, however I reported this agent for receiving anonymous deposits in Bitcoin (which is a money laundering issue).

The reason I did it is because I didn't want to have an option to bet anymore in the future, and I'm fighting the option of being able to deposit anonymously because this causes a problem for those who want to self exclude themselves from gambling, like myself, because if you can sign up under any name (even if it's fictitious) and you can deposit and withdraw via Bitcoin without verification - this will cause problems to an addict who wants to stop, and can't because he will keep on finding himself in a vicious cycle.

So I reported this to many regulators and apparently I've read in another forum that many people now who try to withdraw funds via Bitcoin from this agent - are having troubles - very likely because of what I did (I reported them).

On the one hand I'm feeling very sad for causing people to not get access to their funds (via Bitcoin only, they can do bank transfers and verify themselves!) - but on the other hand I feel like this had to be done ... gambling is bad, it's so bad for society, and exploiting the advantages of crypto currencies (anonymity) in order to milk more profits over the back of people who work so hard to make ends meet - this is unacceptable. Self Exclusion should be permanent if asked to be permanent ... gambling establishments should NOT offer an easy way to circumvent this exclusion by opening a new fictitious account and using Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals!!

So I have mixed feelings, I'm quite sad on the one hand for hurting people, at least temporarily, and for causing them troubles making bitcoin withdrawals with this agent (and the regulators probably would get to the other agents as well) .... however I feel like this is the right thing to do.

What do you guys think? Please encourage me ... I'm so puzzled right now.
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