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Post Number Of Days Gamble Free

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Re: Post Number Of Days Gamble Free

Postby NewSunRising » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:38 pm

Nope , that was my misreading . I didn't see it as " gambling-clean " , I thought you meant to say " I am not gambling ...clean since etc. , etc . "

My mistake . Congratulations too on your gamble-free time !

I've found that the urges will always be lurking and honestly , in my first year of recovery , they came on quite suddenly and at unexpected times . I found it best to accept that the addiction will always keep trying to come back to life and I did start to feel a great deal of satisfaction in telling it " NO " .

Even after 5 years , I still sometimes get thoughts about gambling for no reason at all . I laugh at them now and they vanish . This will happen for you too . Keep going !
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Re: Post Number Of Days Gamble Free

Postby Xmame » Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:28 pm

Hi All,

23 days free of gambling.
I feel good but had the urge to look up football and tennis results, something I did daily for the last 3 years.
Maybe 'urge' isn't the right word, it is/was a habit.

Also had some weird dreams in the first two weeks.
Can't recall them but had a strange feeling when I woke up.

Bitcoin Gambler, I also took out two personal loans. Not to gamble with but to use it for food, rent.. because I blew my whole pay.. month after month after month.
Also a credit card I maxed out but paying it down fast, so I am able tot close it down by the beginning of march.

Started to work out Again, keeps me focused. ✌

Have a Nice day!
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