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New in the forum - can't stop eating

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New in the forum - can't stop eating

Postby highcarbbean » Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:56 pm


I need help. I don't know what this is.
Today I ate over 3300kcal. I did not exercise, heck I didn't even leave the house. I'm 5'7 (170cm) and roughly 132lbs (60kg). I go for daily walks, weight lifting four times a week and dance twice a week.
In general I follow a high carb, low fat plant based style of eating with occasional high fat foods. Medium amount of sodium, almost no added sugar and no added oil, but I still eat natural sugars in fruits and veggies and fat from nuts and seeds.
Usually I eat at least three portions of vegetables and five portions of fruit a day, most of the time it's more. I do not blend my food (no smoothies and juices) and eat a lot of starchy vegetables and beans as well. Whole grain flour products sometimes.
I have absolutely no idea why I can't stop eating and eating and eating. The foods I binge on are usually whole grain products (today it was homemade pretzels), often without any salt or sugar, sometimes it's dried fruit - any source of concentrated, but still relatively unprocessed carbohydrates. I have a huge stomach volume, my diet contains 80-120g of fiber daily, I drink at least three liters of water, sometimes over four. I get adequate sleep (around eight hours per night). I usually do not count calories or weigh my food, but when I do I'm always shocked.
My belly started growing from this kind of eating. I'm also growing muscle, but I know there's fat gain going on as well. I'm bloated a lot of the time and my stomach hurts so bad after binging. I just want to eat normal portions. Everyone who sees me eating comments on how much I eat because my portions are enormous. Other people eat less in an entire day than what I have for breakfast. I can easily eat two cups of dry oatmeal cooked with water plus mango, blueberries, flax seeds and cinnamon after I ate half a honeydew melon as an appetizer.
It's gotten really bad when I started to lift intensively, on the one hand I'm weirdly proud that I can eat so much, but on the other hand I just want to be a normal person eating normal amounts of healthy food.
Nutrient wise I don't have any problems, my blood tests are flawless, I've never been anemic or had any other nutrient deficiency (that's basically impossible with the amount of nutrient dense foods I'm eating).

I need help. I've been in therapy for depression for around six months now and a year ago or so I developed restrictive eating patterns (eating 1400-1600kcal a day), but that's long gone. It's gotten better, but now it's getting worse.

Anyone know any advice?
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