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I'm a food addict ugh and I hate it!

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I'm a food addict ugh and I hate it!

Postby scoeas1982 » Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:38 am

Hey Guys,

Long story short I'm a food addict! It is so annoying! The thing that sucks is I know how to beat addiction! Well not all addictiions are the same I guess. I hate eating sometimes! Hell I'm not even hungry and I don't even want anything to eat and its like my brain wills my car steering wheel into the store and I just find myself buying crap I don't even want! Like today I didn't even want subway I even told a friend I'm not going their and 10 minutes later I was their! I know my triggers! I just cant stop. I don't binge eat either I just eat when I don't really want to, but never binge eat I just eat a meal and move on! The thing that sucks is I was a dipper for years and one day I woke up and said no more and well with some help I have been tobacco free for 18 months, but man this food addiction is tough all I can think about it subway, and doritos, and mountain dew, and Oreos and anything else that I can eat to get My mind if eating. I feel like if I quit dipping I should be able to quit eating, but I know that being successful by yourself is usually a no go. I am the type of person that needs accountability other then myself! I'm not concerned much about weight or scales I just want to kick this food addiction. Any one got any tips other then identifying the triggers, and the emotional attachment. I think that I need to treat this like tobacco and just meet it head on, and suffer through the crap of quitting! Any other ideas would be helpful!
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Re: I'm a food addict ugh and I hate it!

Postby Introspectah » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:27 pm

This audio-visual explanation regarding the causes of addiction and so forth, might be helpful for you to watch:

Please do let me know how it makes you feel, if you care to watch and listen to it at all.
If for some reason you cannot be moved by it, i can always give you my own take if you happen to be interested to read it.
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