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Food Addictions/Struggles

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Food Addictions/Struggles

Postby BeeAqua » Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:50 pm


Everyone can call me Bee. I'm here because I've struggled with food all my life. Right now I am 200 pounds. I am here because I would like to talk with other people who understand what it is like to be like this! I love all foods but sugar and starchy foods seem to trigger binges the most. The least I have weighed in my adult life was 155: and I got there by not eating anything with sugar or grains in it over the course of four months. I did no additional exercise at all although at the time I worked at a warehouse building pallets. I kept around that weight for about a year and a half before gaining most of it back again, though I am still below my heaviest. I've since gone back on my "no sugar no grains diet". I've been back on about a month and I am down ten pounds from where I started.

Anyway a lot of boring stuff, the main thing is that I think that I have something genetic that makes me want to eat all the food I see. When I see food I am always worried it will go to waste or I won't have any to have later: when I child there was sometimes not much food around!

Anyone have any tips or hints to kick this thing? Does it ever get easier?
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