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I'm happy, why do I still over eat?

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I'm happy, why do I still over eat?

Postby FoodAddict1988 » Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:47 pm

When I was younger a lot of stuff happened which contributed to me being diagnosed as depressed. I hated the thought of anti depressants and in the end I began to self medicate with food.

I recently topped the scales at over 20 stone.

My life is on track, I am in a good relationship and have been for almost 2 years, I have lost two stone and although some of the issues which arose while I was younger are still there I am Happy.

But I cant control my eating. I have tried giving my bank card to my mum, I have tried exercise and diets. But I lie, I lie to myself so much about what I eat that I convince myself that I have been good as far as food is concerned.

It isn't getting any easier, I have read books, tried hypnosis to the point of a gastric band and I ate through it.

I have a serious problem and I don't think I can face it or conquer it alone :(

It is scary because I have eaten myself to the point where I have fatty infiltrates in my liver which is dangerous but at 26 years of age, I need to turn this addiction on its head before I kill myself with food.

I need help from someone who has dealt with this before. Please tell me there is someone here that can help me get past these food demons
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Re: I'm happy, why do I still over eat?

Postby h33ling » Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:02 am

Your message in a bottle was sent so long ago. I wonder if you are even here anymore. I have survived being a junkie, a cigarette smoker, a drinker, and have kicked all of those habits. I have come out of depression and bipolar disorder (I'm now only considered "eccentric and odd"), worked through all my childhood traumas...and now I'm an eater. No matter what I do I can't stop. I, like you, have tried everything in the book. My metabolism has helped for the most part but now that I'm 40 that's not going to be working for me anymore.
I've heard people say that you don't have to get to the bottom of WHY you eat, and while that's true for other things, I don't think it's true for eating. I think there are underlying issues that you and I, friend, have not yet dealt with. Once I figure this eating thing out I won't have many problems left at all.
Wish I had an answer for you. Several days ago at Thanksgiving I literally immobilized myself with food. I've never been that full before and it was kind of scary. If I come up with any answers I'll come back here and post them, so that if you're ever in this part of the ocean again you'll see it. Don't give up hope.
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