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hoarding + food?

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hoarding + food?

Postby kala83 » Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:12 am

I am wondering if its possible to have a food an hoarding problem.

this ironically is not being asked for myself it is actually being asked for my mother.

I live with my mom...and even though she does not care to admit that she has issues of her own..like I do.

she does seem to be a hoarder.

the cubards in our kitchen are completly full all the time! if you were to take all the stuff out of them you would probably find dates on them that go all the way back to the 80's and i know that I have found things in the freezer before.

that have freezer burn...she even has a HUGE outdoor freezer that literally things from when i was in elementary school.

and she claims that she is saving it for special occasions and the words "that was mine" are heard quite a lot also.

in fact the key to the outdoor freezer I have frankly not seen it in several months. what hurts even more is she knows I have an eating disorder. I do not always eat as often as I am supposed to or when I am supposed to. And I don't really always consider oh is this mine or is someone else's my mind set has almost always been if its in the house and its in the kitchen then anyone there can have it.

but this is not how things work. I just heard her step into the kitchen and she is already complaining about the milk nearly being gone. My boyfriend and I drink milk....but he is getting paid tomorrow and has completely no issue what so ever in going out and getting new milk for the household.

I get that she just got it a day ago...but honestly food is not a decoration its there to be in fact EATEN this behavior drives me nuts and is one of the main reasons why i am working so hard at putting in extra hours and looking for a second job. So we can get out of this house. My mom refuses to see her faults will not try to get help or admit maybe she just like me has mental health issues.

and I can not possibly move forward in my life dealing with my mental illness around someone that does not take care of theirs them selves.
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