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Not sure if I'm a sufferer

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Not sure if I'm a sufferer

Postby Razorbill » Tue May 13, 2014 7:58 pm

Maybe others can relate, I'm not sure if I'm really suffering from a food addiction.

My parents in law are suffering an addiction problem at the moment. My fiance's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year but is finding it extremely difficult to stop smoking as is his wife. Speaking to the pair of them I've noticed similarities between my own attempts to lose weight.

I've struggled with my weight as long as I can really remember, I was always a bit podgy and was bullied in school due to this. I had a rather "hearty" appetite and Sunday lunch was always two largeish bowls of pasta, tomato sauce topped with cheese at my grans house. As you can probably imagine high school was pretty hellish even though I wasn't hugely overweight. My parents made attempts to address my problem as I'd always opt for baggy clothes. Unfortunately I think that only made matters worse and I started scoffing in private instead.

My mother and grandmother always seemed to be at some weight loss class or another. Both enjoyed some short-lived success at times but I just kept quiet regarding my weight.

As an adult I've tried a few classes and like my mother and grandmother found it too difficult to stick to any plan.

Over the last couple of years my habits have gotten worse, I find myself constantly craving fast food, crisps and sweets. I reckon I must spend around £100 on fast food each month (which I can't afford to do). I shudder to think of the number of times I've opted to use £20 our weekly food budget on a take away rather than buying raw ingredients (which would give us far more meals). As a result we've then ended up having very little to buy proper food and ended up eating the same couple of cheap meals for a week.

I frequently eat until I feel extremely sick, often think about food, have many many foul moods where I can only really focus on how weak a person I must be and this is pretty much ruling my life right now. Over pretty much my whole life I've gotten bigger and bigger and am able to pack away a disgusting amount of food. I'm well into the obese numbers on the BMI chart and avoid going to my doctor in case he says anything about my weight.

My poor fiance is at a loss so I'm hoping that maybe this is indeed what I'm suffering and I can perhaps find ways to help myself.

My first step is to change my daily eating habits to ensure I have three nutritious meals a day with small snacks in between. At the moment I often don't eat until I get home from work at night then end up eating far more than I need.

Second step is to start making meals from scratch again. I always enjoyed making curry and pasta sauces but have gotten very lazy about this recently and have been buying jars from the shop (which are generally full of rubbish).

I'll have a look at other threads for more ideas.
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