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i'm really fat and i'm getting fatter- need help

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i'm really fat and i'm getting fatter- need help

Postby Wisedude » Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:40 pm

Yeah I just keep eating constant all the time, I don't do any exercise I can't be stuffed.

I eat total rubbish like I drink coke ALL DAY cause I am addicted, and like i eat like 1kg of bacon and put 7 eggs in and eat several meet pies, cheese cake etc.

I can't eat healthy stuff it makes me sick I tried it I can't stand the stand it is horrid.

I'm 135kg and rising. Its not due to me being weak its genetic, my mum had it so did granpa, though they weren't as fat as I am.

I don't work, never go out the house, never shower (I stink bad)

all i do all day is play computer and eat.

mum comes over couple of times per week (1.5 hour drive for her each way) and cleans the house up and does the dishes, washes clothes etc cause I am too fat and lazy lol

I got a dog and even he is mega fat. Like REALLY fat and I don't over feed him either.

I don't know I think I should be able to go to hospital cause its due to mental and genetic problems, it is nothing to do with will power.

Like serious I am on disability and if mum did not bring me food over I would not be able to afford to eat properly.

She pays for my internet, cigarettes and everything.

I am 38 BTW.

I also got a cousin he is 200kg and on Disability too. His brother is also on Disability as well for social anxiety that is bad well its really bad.

The girls I am living with are complaining say they hate it here, saying i stink and crap, its real rude man like I got a disability.

I never had a job, I never even finish year 8 in high school.

I am sick though of attitude i get , discrimination, its crap persecution, like serious, don't blame me.

I am bit down though, wish I had gf so could have sex aheaps, and like serious need them to clean the place, i am never going to do it, but i HATE fat women not attractive, only like very pretty skinny girl, young like 21 would be good. I want someone that can accept my disability and would be good if they did have job though cause not enough $$.

Society does nothing for me man, I don't get enough support. I can't even afford stuff like a car, have to get my mum to come all the way down in the rare even i go out, but i wont do that anymore

wont go to the doctor he had the nerve to call me obese and try and lecture me saying what I gotta do, he has no idea bout my medical conditions. Even the locum made inappropriate comments and stuff when i got them out to my house.

My uncle got $400,000 he was sexually harrassed, i been discriminated against due to weight, i deserve money like that so i can make my life better. disability aint enough for me.
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Re: i'm really fat and i'm getting fatter- need help

Postby jilkens » Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:13 am

There are people with eating disorders who genuinely want help for their disorders and actively participate in treatment. For some, all they want is support. What I see in your post isn't a request for support or the willingness to change. You want money, and felt that it is owed to you. Money won't make you stop all the stuff you've listed here, and nobody can make that change in your life but you.

It's nobody's job but your own to pave a way in life. There's nothing wrong with leaning on others but the things you want are totally beyond reasonable.
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Re: i'm really fat and i'm getting fatter- need help

Postby twinkle86 » Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:59 pm

ladyswan I think this user is a troll. He has posted several things on other boards that are outlandish and ridiculous. Just ignore him everyone.
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Re: i'm really fat and i'm getting fatter- need help

Postby Pedro Sheeler » Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:05 am

Food addiction involves consumption of food repeatedly against the individual. The effects of food addiction lead to depression and anxiety. For reducing negative emotions you need to eat more food. If you are having these type of feelings,would suggest you to consult good health care professional specially dealing with addiction.
Pedro Sheeler
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Re: i'm really fat and i'm getting fatter- need help

Postby mgluick11 » Fri May 09, 2014 5:42 am

I see what you post and it looks to me that you have lack of confidence as well as a lack of motivation. The first step in losing weight and making a change happens with you. You need to tell yourself "do I really want to make a change?" if you answer yes then I can sure help you. The first step is to get away from fast foods and soda. These have a lot of fat , grease , and sugar which is not good for you because it will not only make you gain weight but it can also cause early death! . Next step is going to be hard , and its to change your eating habit to a more basic healthy regiment . remember to get the body and weight you want its 70% in the kitchen and 30% working out. There are 3 basic things to know when it comes to eating healthy and its carbs , healthy fats , and protein. some good carbs to get would be oatmeal, whole grain products, corn, apples bananas, veggies, etc. carbs to avoid would be cookies, cakes, pastries, and candy. Good protein would be chicken with no skin, turkey, fish, and low fat dairy except for eggs. Finally ,good fat choices would be peanut butter, almonds, canola oil, low fat cheeses, and even sunflower seeds. Try to avoid butter, and high in fat meats and dairy. All you have to do now is look at the nutrition facts when choosing a food and see if it meets these requirements. If you want to take it a step further and workout . just work on you lower body one day (legs, calves, and hip flexors) and upper another day (chest, arms, back ) and core every other day. make sure to give at least 2-3 days a week of rest and remember to eat clean ! hope you take my advice and change your life , goodluck!
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