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Re: rape fantasy

Postby Maligan12 » Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:27 am

Contro wrote:
benzpheta wrote:So basically im asking if i should go ahead and try even though i might not enjoy what i fantasize about

Sure, why not?

-- Wed Nov 04, 2015 7:04 pm --

Maligan12 wrote:If you are kinda open to getting nailed by whoever decides they want you whether you consent or not, then it isn't technically rape since you have consented unless you decide you want out in which case it's too late.


You obviously don't understand how the law works.

You don't seem to understand how a rapists' mind works.
Let's judge each other on our actions.
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Re: rape fantasy

Postby benzpheta » Fri Nov 06, 2015 2:55 pm

I do, i just phrased the whole thing wrong
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Re: rape fantasy

Postby Acquirai » Sat Nov 21, 2015 11:05 pm

Contro wrote:You obviously don't understand how the law works.

You don't seem to understand. It's roleplay if they plan it, not more and not less.
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Re: rape fantasy

Postby TSlap » Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:04 pm

I love this post I just signed up to the forum and BAMM!!! Here it is. Last year I had a great experience whilst traveling. I met a Irish girl who was raised in Australia whilst on a train through France. We were both on our way to Barcelona. She was actually just passing through for one night. So we ended up not checking into a hostel just chilling walking around I know BCN quiet well so I was showing her around. Come 3am we are on a grass verge I between some trees lying on our sleeping bags making out. We were up against each other she was real wet I could feel her through her trousers but whenever I went to get my fingers to work and progress the foreplay she would hinder my progress. This went on for hours I took her to train station on the morning and we went our seperate ways. We stayed in touch and then through email I'd gotten the hints she was dropping. She wanted me to force myself onto her that nigh. Realising my mistake I made my way to the south of Spain where she had gone to. We met and we had a great time. Which turned into two months of backpacking back up through Spain France into Italy. The sex was awesome!!! We would find ourself in the middle of a forest with me chacing after her fighting her to the ground and having my way. The walking off in disgust as if she was unworthy of the pain I had made her suffer. Only to end up spending the night cuddling next to a camp fire. One time we were on a train on the Gold Coast of France we were foreplaying. It's great it cannot really be planned I don't think it's something you have to hint towards. Even tho I knew this girl liked it this way it was the case that it always had to be that way. We also made love we also had hard sex but then we we also had moments where we went crazy with emotion and confusion. I remember one in particular we were on a hill in the south of France in a Cold War military look out post on the coast. Very creepy night the wind was roaring against the bunker we had a fire burning agains and it way real creepy she was so dramatic in her role play. She look in fear but when I would hold back and stop to check if really am I to stop she would give a look and pull me back. That nigh she cried and whilst we were doing it was screaming "what are you doing to me" many times and when we finished she curled up I held her we slept. I will love that girl to the day I die but I'd never meet up either again, what I'm saying is my opinion is that if you have things you need to get out I don't see how you can do it with someone you want to be your long term partner. It's something that you do to get out your system. But i had never done anything past chocking a girl before this so yeah I guess it can be done just be careful have fun
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Re: rape fantasy

Postby aussie_surfer » Mon Dec 07, 2015 4:59 am

benzpheta wrote:im an 18 year old girl, and i always have a fantasy of being raped, or video taped while raped, being drugged and raped comes up a lot and it kind of scares me to have these fantasies.

Im thinking of it as if i have a partner and i tell him about these fantasies, and he decides to try it and like role-play rapes me (u know) and then i just dont like it. I'd be extremely disappointed.
So basically im asking if i should go ahead and try even though i might not enjoy what i fantasize about


There is a difference between a rape fantasy and actually being raped. The latter can be brutal, debilating and harmful. On the other hand the rape fantasy can be incredibly erotic, for both people.

Let me know if ou want to discuss it farther,

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