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Fetish out of hand!

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Fetish out of hand!

Postby HowardCL » Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:34 pm

My fetish is out of hand.

I collect girls and boys underwear. I buy them at thrift shops and anywhere that sells children underwear. I will buy them online on Ebay as well as Amazon or other places like that. I have found childrens underwear at public pools and have kept them. My collection is pretty big and I must admit that I am a Pedophile exclusive so nothing but children get me sexually aroused.

I served 10 years in prison for sex acts against young boys and a few young girls but now it seems like my collection of panties and underwear can sometimes consume my life. I just love everything about children's underwear and any time I have a chance to buy them or see them somewhere I take them right away. I feel so evil.
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Re: Fetish out of hand!

Postby Tululaboo » Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:17 pm

I can see the attraction aspect to collecting such items and at least you have seen yourself that this is becoming a problem. What I am not clear on however is to the aspect of the problem. Is it a case that this is a compulsion and when see some underwear you cannot ignore it or a case that physically it is becoming a problem to an extent to where you are worried about people seeing all the underwear. (I too while I do not buy or collect them have a thing for underwear)

As far as it goes (and no judgement from me) you have done worse things so even though it does not seem like much it is a silver lining.
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