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Anyone share these fetishes?

Open discussions about the various fetishes.
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Anyone share these fetishes?

Postby imitation700mb » Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:31 pm

My fetishes are:

Seeing any super obese women, sometimes called BBWs or SSBBWs. This happens a lot more if the woman in question is in person, fully clothed and doing any normal everyday things, (shopping, riding in a car, walking down the street, even just sat on a sofa or chair)

Seeing women wearing any form of thicker turtleneck or cowlneck sweaters, those with bigger thicker collars. This is even more of a turn on when their chins and faces are "buried" inside the collars or when they have a lot of folds.

Seeing people wearing ridiculous amounts of clothing at once, or wearing ridiculous amounts of clothing myself. E.G. wearing 20-30+ sweaters at once. Things like that.

Seeing women with their sleeves up, particularly those wearing sweaters or sweatshirts. E.G. they wear a sweatshirt and push the sleeves up somewhere around their elbows then permanently leave them there.

Buying cheap clothes from supermarkets or charity shops so I can practice the above fetishes for myself. I have a special stash of clothing especially for the job.

Does anyone else share these fetishes?
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Re: Anyone share these fetishes?

Postby Tululaboo » Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:09 pm

Hmm while specifically I have indulged in those particular fetishes I can see the attraction. I like women wearing choker-chains to turtlenecks and a huge lover of SS/BBW. Another thing I quite like is when I see someone wearing a dark jumper (sweater) with a bright shirt hanging out... Not sure why but I find that appealing.
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