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Curious about Emetophilia..

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Curious about Emetophilia..

Postby ACuriousGhost » Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:03 am

Hi there! I'm very new here but I thought I'd ask a burning question.

I'm actually someone with Emetophobia. Vomit is something I fear a lot, always have. I'm trying to get over it because even the thought of someone heaving sends me into intense anxiety but I've always been curious about people who are sexually attracted to it. Not in a 'ew, those people are gross' way, but just like...wow, you guys are pretty brave and I want to understand it kind of way.

So if there's anyone with Emetophilia here, what is it you like about it? If you've ever engaged in actual sex with vomit, how was it? Is there something specific you're attracted to? I've heard from some that they like nausea and belly rubbing the most because its sensual and whatnot.
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Re: Curious about Emetophilia..

Postby Tululaboo » Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:48 pm

Emetophile here, mind you saying that there is not really a fetish or paraphile I do not personally enjoy. Emetophobia I think is somewhat common but never really had the pleasure of meeting someone with that particular fear so this will interesting for the both of us. By the way I will try to avoid some words as much as I can so not to cause any discomfort for you.

First off I want to just say thank you, there are very few people who will be inquisitive rather than judgemental. Only if there was more people such as yourself.

Anyhow on to the subject, there are a few reason to why someone finds such a thing arousing and I will do my best to go through them as well as my own personal reasons and experiences. It is important to note there are two distinct emetophiles, those that take pleasure from the 'giving' and those that take pleasure from he other end of spectrum.

Some fine the act of vomiting to be a pleasurable sensation and feeling during and after but also for some it can also be a dominance aspect to where they are in control of their body, someone else and both. The same can also be said for those who enjoy the climax of it, being the submissive put in a situation to where they will do whatever the partner wishes.
I personally enjoy both instances, I lean more towards taking pleasure from the end result but I also love being the one throwing up either self induced or forced (personally I prefer forced but I never always had someone for that. The bodily sensations, feel and even texture of everything excites me which seems hard to understand at face value but think it similar to someone who enjoys the smell, texture and even taste of materials like leather or latex.

The thought alone of being 'degraded/disgusting' if thats the right word is a huge arousal for me and acting it out gives me even more pleasure, there is always one specific part of emetophile that I enjoy the most of all is the sound of either me or someone gagging before the climax. Im not even sure to why that specific part excites me more.

Its really hard to explain in a understanding way in words, its like trying to describe the number '1' and I hope this is not just a wall of text for you but if you still have a few burning questions I would be more than happy to try and answer them for you.
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Re: Curious about Emetophilia..

Postby tiggy » Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:48 pm

I like seeing pretty girls puke a little. It's cute. It's better if it's like fresh milk, not lumpy dark stuff. I think I like it because I'm a sadist and know the girl is in some pain and doesn't want it, and I love girls' mouths and throats, so...

I wouldn't make someone puke for me, but I have gone on youtube and watched some little accidents.
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