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Sibling and her hate campaign

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Sibling and her hate campaign

Postby ButterflyCoaster » Fri Mar 24, 2023 2:18 pm

I don't know where to start with this because it's so long and drawn out.

I have a sibling who I could write a book about and I don't know how to where to begin.

She's constantly in a fight mode against the family. She took ordinary family life and events and things and took offence and blew them out of proportion. For example - finding offence in emigration. Finding offence in having a baby. Finding offence in photographs.

For me, I had a row with her one night but it had roots in a stressful time. After that, she turned rotten. She wasn't very nice before that but she became worse. She was already estranged from a different sibling at that time. She took offence and she estranged herself from me. Over the 2 years that followed she developed issues with others in the family and 'cut contact'.

We all got abusive messages from her. Many of them ig ignored because there wasn't any we could say to reply back. The tone of the messages was one of anger. There was hate too.

I got messages from her - 'you're dead to me' and others in the family got the same. Although what followed was an abusive campaign from her. Her tone was anger. The words were often vulgar. Under it all though she wanted us to focus on her and our broken relationships and her issues against us. She wanted us to explain ourselves. By the way the family never pooled together and ganged up on her. She has separate issues on all of us.

There were times when I tried to engage with her but it was pointless. The anger from her was too much. I realised 5 years ago that I can't do this.

I and others in the family were at the receiving end of her moods and emotions and a filthy revenge campaign from her. The most vilest words and actions from her.

We generally ignored her. All of this from her - she stayed away from the family and the family home and all of it has been by electronic means. Often when her messages come through, there is unwritten threats from her. It's always unwritten. It's there in her tone.

When she was desperate enough for attention, she went down the route at contacting others for a smear campaign.

We generally live our lives away from her and ignore. Her life is still fixated on where she was all them years ago. She wants us to engage with her. She wants me to acknowledge her and her hurts. A lot of this is irritational from her. She brought up other points and issues that had nothing to do with us falling out. Just to have some points on me. I can't give her what she is looking for. She is obtuse amongst so many other things.

I am not looking for a diagnosis for her from this online post. I do think there is something with her. Reading between the lines from her from before and it does seem as if the only thing that matters is her own feelings and nothing else matters to her. Nobody else's feelings matter. She's not able to meet another half way. So I do think it would be narcissism because she wants everything to be about her and probably other behaviours sprinkled.

Lately there was recent communication from her out of nowhere but this is the harassment that she has shaped. It's about 3 or 4 times a year for several weeks at a time. I usually ignore her but I made a threat this time of the police which angered her more and more. That wasn't my intention to anger her. Just leave me alone. That's not a lot to ask for. There was a real threat of the police last weekend.

At that stage she kept the abusive emails up. She started twisting the past and the harassment from her and turning it all onto my back with more blame and blame. Then she wrote that she is depression and I was mocking her depression but I wasn't aware of her being depressed nor was I mocking depression. She also made a threat of suicide.

I feel like she was using depression and suicide as a way to manipulate the situation with the threat of the police and its not true. I also feel like it's an excuse for her rotten abusive campaign.

She's someone who thinks we deserve to pay from her mind over and over and over and over and forever more tile death. She never wrote those words by the way but that's how it's coming across. This isn't about a reconciliation from her and between us. This is control. She wants to control me and serve her and give her what she wants.

I am living a horrible sentence from her filthy mind and mental health as are others in the family too. If we did something illegal, we would be brought up into court and have a sentence applied to us and we would probably have it done by now but all these years later, we must pay, still, over and over.

She is the first person that will turn around and claimed that we are all abusive and she is the first person that will label us all with personality disorders as if she is qualified to diagnosis us and without ever looking at herself.

I haven't seen this person in over 7 years but she is still wrapped up in me.
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