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How to deal with an NPD sister?

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How to deal with an NPD sister?

Postby tetwothree » Wed Jan 19, 2022 12:59 am

99% sure she is NPD, and or Histrionic. Maybe BPD too.
Very toxic behavior and a control freak.
She also has anorexia, or had it when she was younger, and she is ADHD.
She is the middle sister of 3. I am the youngest and a male. We are all older now.
She has to be the center of attention, always.
Displays all the Narc supply manipulation signs.
Ingratiates then will throw you under the bus, or abrupt off handed comments for no reason just to gain a reaction then back immediately to being nice for a short while.
If you confront her on her bad behavior, she will blow up.
She swings from happy to mad a lot and is kind of all over the place which keeps you constantly mentally off balance and thinking WTF.

Actually she is toxic enough that if she wasn't my sister she would be gone.

So the question is for other people with similar siblings, how do you handle them?

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