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How to spot a fake friend (with tips)

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How to spot a fake friend (with tips)

Postby KidDJ » Wed Aug 04, 2021 1:03 pm

Good afternoon to you all members from Psychforums. I want to discuss a serious topic with you. It's about fake friends and how to determine whether the person is your actual friend, or just pretending. Now a lot of people, including me had fake friends in their lives. I understand that some of you were shocked or upset to find out that the person you had been close with, wasn't your real friend. You didn't even realize that your former friends weren't that nice people, but most likely, they were dishonest and unloyal. I'll give you some tips from the stuff I've read, but I'll try not to give out any misinformation.

Moving on to the serious topic. There are three types of friends: 1) a type of friend who will remain loyal and honest for the rest of your life and will always help you, whenever you have a hard time and give you pieces of advice. 2) A school friend is a type of friend you would always hang out with in school, or behind its territory, but once you finished school, your friendships ended. 3) And last but not least - fake friends.

Here are tips on how to spot a fake friend:
1) The complimenter. Fake friends are good at telling you what you want to hear. Let's say, for example, you try out a sweater, which doesn't suit you. A fake friend will say that you look really good, it fits you, doesn't say a word, where there is a piece of criticism. A real friend will always tell the truth in these circumstances. A fake friend will always say how much the sweater suits you, but you already know that it's a lie. This is another example. But if the sweater suits you, then you shouldn't worry about it.

2) The cheater. A fake friend will say how amazing you are, how good you are, how smart and generous you are, but they will talk to other friends awfully about your appearance behind your back. Think about it. Is it really worth having a friend like that? The best option for you is to ask why did they do it. A fake friend isn't ready to answer this question, gets frightened, and will attempt to get away. A real friend doesn't do that, but they will tell the truth.

3) The spoiled one. There is another option on how to determine whether you have a fake friend. When they need your help, they always seek, ask, and eventually make promises. But when you need help, you don't get a response from them. It doesn't matter whether they're busy, don't have money to lend, etc. They will always refuse, get away and talk back.

4) The liar. Whether it's a lie, or unfinished group work, or something else, they will always put their blame on you in an attempt to not involve themselves in these situations. If it really was your fault, a real friend would always stand up to you.

Before I even finish discussing it, from my own experience, I'm pretty sure that I also had a fake friend. We had been friends from 1st grade to 5th grade. I told her my secret, but then I found out that she told others about my secret. I finally realized that she wasn't even my real friend. She didn't want to be friends with me anymore and that's how we parted our ways. We're still not friends. If you end up in these situations, chances are that they're not friends, but just pretending to be. I hope the tips help you and let me know if you had these experiences. Have a nice day to you all and stay safe.
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Re: How to spot a fake friend (with tips)

Postby Snaga » Wed Aug 04, 2021 4:49 pm


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