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Sister believes in black magic

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Sister believes in black magic

Postby Reema26 » Thu Dec 31, 2020 9:45 pm

I introduced my sister to a guy around 10-11 years ago. We’ll call him Bozo. Bozo impressed her by talking about a lot of esoteric topics and talking down about pharmaceuticals. He claimed he healed miraculously from an accident using only homeopathy and wanted her to think he was powerful. After they parted ways she was convinced he had done black magic in her. Another girl contacted her and they both thought Bozo had done some “bad energy work” on them.. they both lost their jobs after seeing this guy. Also my sister thought she had different feelings like heart palpitations. Fast forward ten yrs and my sister has held this belief consistently. This year she started seeing a spiritual healer who supported her in this belief. He claims he took Bozo’s “voodoo” or dark energy off of her... he also claims Bozo was working with black magic practitioners around the world, but the healer claims he killed them all and “put them in Hell”. My sister now believes this healer hook, line, and sinker. She hasn’t had contact with Bozo in all these years... I know from social media that’s married with a child now. I knew this was all fantasy, but I searched for an obituary just to be sure and of course there is none. I’m sure he’s alive and well and not thinking about the girls he tricked.

My sister also claims that he affected me and wanted to make me think I was going crazy ( I had a mental health crisis earlier this year as I’m in the military and had an adjustment disorder upon returning from a stressful deployment). She also claims the reason I have a crease in my forehead is because “they” meaning Bozo and his accomplices were affecting my third eye. I try to explain to my sister that when I was unwell earlier this year I was paranoid that people had done witchcraft on me and that I got help and no longer feel that way. She claims it’s because her healer got rid of the problem! When we start talking about all this she just repeats that I don’t know what she’s been through (and she’s not gonna tell me) and that I’m ignorant, a ######6 idiot, my third eye is closed, etc. She also vehemently denies coronavirus and tells me I’m the type who will get “microchipped”. Illuminati came up in the same conversation about all of this. She told me I don’t a lot of things, especially about Illuminati and metaphysical stuff like chakras.

What type of disorder would you guys call this? I don’t know how to help her begin to separate fantasy from reality. She won’t concede that she’s mentally ill. In fact the term “mentally ill” sets her off! She believes that any ailment she or any of us have, from allergies to insomnia, is the result of someone else doing black magic on us. How can I help my sister see that she has an external locus of control and it’s not healthy? She’s almost 40 years old, unmarried with no kids. She’s in school for education (no science classes) and she thinks HER third eye is opened which is why she has this “awareness”.
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Re: Sister believes in black magic

Postby Snaga » Fri Jan 01, 2021 12:45 am

There is... a fine line, between delusional beliefs, and religious beliefs, if I'm not mistaken. I think some of the tests for like, magical thinking, and such, out of the DSM, instruct that odd beliefs, can't be explained away by not just physical disorders, but also by religious beliefs, before labeling them as abnormal beliefs. Or something to that effect.

Having said that, if she's mentally ill, but has glommed onto a spirituality paradigm that you find disturbing, I'm not sure how you dissuade her from it. I don't know, but seems to me she might have to figure it out, for herself. I mean, if she was part of a cult, you know there's always burlap sacks and vans and whisking someone off for an intervention, the moment they step off the compound, but..... this.....? It may come down to you just having to try and get it across to her, that you're not interested in her explanations for life's problems, until it sinks in.

Hate to say it, but if it's too badly affecting your own mental health, you might have to just kinda keep as stepped back from her, as possible.

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