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Does my sister need a psychologist or we should just give up

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Does my sister need a psychologist or we should just give up

Postby shamakhan » Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:59 pm

I need help for my sister. I will explain everything in detail below in a while. My question is, does she need a psychologist/psychiatrist or it’s just a waste of time?

My sister is 26 years old and married. She has 3 cute kids. All the kids have very less age gap and all need special attention and care.

She is very stubborn and argues on every little thing even if it’s not her personal matter. If 2 members in the family are talking about something which she doesn’t know anything about, she will jump in and start giving her opinion.

She tells lies and creates stories to make those lies sound like truth.

She doesn’t take care about her children. Doesn’t care if their feeders are boiled or not, doesn’t care if they are properly clean or not, and yells at them. Her children are 2.5year, 1.5year, and 6 months old. I, my mother, and my sister-in-law takes care of the children. She also does, but not in a way a mother should. She will never go and stop her children from doing something wrong, all she does is to yell at them from where she is sitting. She even gives her children Phenergan syrup so that they will go to sleep early and for longer time.

She loves to talk to people. You can say she has this obsession of being social. If she is behaving badly with everyone in the family, but when someone from the neighbors meets her, she is totally a different, sweet, and humble person.
She loves to watch TV shows and movies. When she is doing home chores she puts hands-free in her ears and listens to music (I don’t think a mother of 3 small kids should do this)

She has this strong desire to make everyone listen to her. If there is someone younger than her, she will stick to that person until he/she does something according to her will. She never listens to anyone and does whatever she wants. If I’ll ask her to make something, she will instantly refuse. Sometimes she does that but after making the other persona totally angry on her. She wants to have power over everyone and she is younger in our family of 5 siblings, she is on number 4. She yells at our parents too.

She brings negative points in everyone and everything. She backbites and doesn’t think it’s bad at all. If someone is all nice to her, and does something which she doesn’t like, she remembers that one incident and starts thinking negative about that person. If something has happened 3 days back she will remember that one thing.

She laughs on something totally nonsense. I mean if she is telling an incident which is totally a normal incident. She tells it with laughter and enjoys it. Most of the time I try to find what was funny in this.
We should not judge her but I am worried about her married life and her children. Her children are very sharp and learn everything and every behavior fast. They are now living with us but after sometime they will move to their own house.

One more thing, she will send her 1.5 years old baby with anyone. For example if a neighbor asks her to give the baby, she will never say no and feels happy that they are all nice to her kids. She never realizes that there are hundreds of abuse cases happen daily with young kids. She will give her kids to anyone who she knows and says, so what they are very close neighbors etc.

Please tell me what I should do. We don’t have much communication because I get angry on her because of her nonsense behavior and careless attitude. She listens to my best friend and my best friend will take her to a psychiatrist/psychologist. Now my friend also wonders, when she observes her behavior that is it a good or worthy idea to consult a psychologist/psychiatrist.

Please help!
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