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Cheating Husband and GF

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Cheating Husband and GF

Postby paddy666 » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:30 pm

Hello everyone,

I would say am happy to be here but am not really.
I have been in a relationship with a Narcissist for the past 8 months, just ending it.
It is hard as the toxic relation keeps me tight to her, anyway.
I am writing to you for an advice if I should tell the cheating husbands wife about my GF having se everyday with him.

He has been my former employer and have and is curently having a sexual relation ship with my ex.
I have put a survey and so far 83 replied, it does count what they say but they don't have experience dealing with a narcissist. I have asked them if I should tell his wife about cheating. You can read my short story here. I think he might also have a NPD and my ex GF was diagnosed with BPD.

Thank you.

This a true scenario and I need your help.

I have been battling with the idea for months now so thought I would ask bigger group of people what they think.

What you will answer will matter as I will make a life decision based on it and either help or potentially destroy someone's life.

Thank you again.

For the past 5 years I have been working as a director in a company from which I have been fired due to what has happened that you will read about in a second.

I have found out that my employer which was also my close friend is having sexual relationship with my girlfriend. She has been involved with him for the past 9 or so months.
Sex happens during work hours and after work.

About him:
He has got two small kids (4 and 6 year old).
Wife that doesn't work and raises his kids - she is comfortable with that. She is also my friend and I have been to their house many times.
He makes very good money and that is his priority.
Treats my girlfriend just as a sex buddy.
Has no morals and thinks of people in terms: will I need his help if so I am going to be nice to him if not I don't care.

About my girlfriend:
She is my ex now.
Younger 22 years old.
Not much to say here just that she is a horrible woman for doing that to other woman.
I always knew she was too open about sex with others.

About the wife:
Great woman dedicated to raising her children.
Takes care of her body, gym everyday.
Comfortable not to have work and just raise her/his kids.

I have confronted him about it.
Asked if he is cheating with my girlfriend, he has denied.
After which I was fired.

I do have proof that I can show to the wife gathered with the help of private investigator but am not sure if that would not destroy her life. I do know she doesn't know anything.

My question friend is do I tell the wife about cheating husband or not and move on with my life.
My morality and social justice tells me to tell the wife but that could have a blowback on me and will destroy her life. "
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Re: Cheating Husband and GF

Postby RottenFish » Mon Apr 15, 2019 5:29 pm

I would definitely not tell the wife anything about her husband cheating. Though what you want to do sounds honorable, this will backfire on you ... especially since he is a Narcissist. If this scandal comes out that you were the one who told his wife, he will do anything in his power to destroy your life. Best thing to do is to stay away from the wrath of a Narcissist.

The wife doesn't know he is cheating, and with 2 kids involved, this will make the situations worse. She lives in a happy home (or so she thinks) so try to keep it that way.

This situation already caused much drama for you, so to expand this drama upon the wife and kids is unnecessary.
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